What others are saying about Downe Range Handgun Safety
  1. Paul Downe, a retired TPD officer is Owner - Instructor & Range Master. His expertise in Firearms, Public Safety and Personal Safety is combined to set him far above many other NRA instructors. For the beginner or the longtime gun owner, he has a passion to teach you everything you need to know about your firearm, to ensure that you will be able to use it safely and confidently, if and when you need to. He offers instruction to individuals and groups, and classes for CCL instruction. He also teaches classes on how to survive an Active Shooter, with ‘Run, Hide, Fight’ instruction and tips for situational awareness and personal safety that would be a good addition to any safety plans or protocols you may have for your Company or Church.
    Billy R
  2. Paul Downe had some wonderful tips on self defense. His instruction was clear and easy to follow. I hadn't shot a pistol before and he made me very comfortable with it. My 78 yr old Mom took the class with me and he was very patient and encouraging with her and everyone there. Highly recommend taking a class from him and Downe Range.
    Iona H.
  3. Thanks so much, Paul for convincing me to sign up! The class time included logical, helpful, and easy-to-understand safety and law information and where I can find more if I need it. The hands-on qualification was great and helped me learn what I need to improve on. Sister and I both went through and both passed. I greatly recommend those looking into a concealed carry class to take it through Downe Range. It is well worth it!!
    Shelby K.
  4. Great Class. Lots of well presented info. Paul Downe is an expert in his field and very enjoyable to learn from.
    Kim G.
  5. Awesome course! I haven't handled a firearm in decades. Instructor is amazing. Very helpful information. I went from being very nervous to looking forward to range time! Thank you!
    Betty S.