About Us
Our goal is to provide professional instruction for safety in today's world. We hope to provide handgun safety training allowing elligible applicants the ability to obtain concealed carry permits.  As well, we want to give insight to organizations and groups as how best to stay safe during an active killer event.  We desire to provide these services with the utmost integrity and at affordable prices.
Handgun Safety Classes
One-on-One Instruction
This course will consist of two phases: 1) instructional phase & 2) range time.   The instructional phase will be 6 hours of classroom time.   Each attendee will learn the basics of handgun safety
One hour, one-on-one range time with instruction is available through special appointment.  Contact Paul Downe for more information.
Active Killer Seminars
In today's world, it is important to have a plan on what to do in the event you find yourself in an active shooter / killer situation. This 2-hour seminar provides attendees with the necessary information to know what they can do if they should find themselves in such.  The seminar includes instructional video, lecture and Q&A.  Contact us to schedule your seminar date today for any size group.